CBC is back!

March 10 2023

Opinion article

CBC is in full swing at our school, and our students are excited to #RiseToTheChallenge! Over the next week, students across grades will work together to tackle some of tomorrow's most pressing problems. By exploring topics like fashion, leisure, housing, and food, our learners can better understand these concepts and how they are connected to other subjects and real-world issues.


Concept-Based Curriculum (CBC) is an approach to education that focuses on developing students' understanding of big ideas or "concepts" rather than just memorizing facts or information. This approach is designed to encourage critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity by helping students make connections between different subjects and ideas.


Throughout this process, students will be encouraged to collaborate, think critically, and take risks as they explore new ideas and approaches. By focusing on big ideas rather than just facts or information, CBC helps to foster a deeper understanding of the world and the complex issues that face us all.


We can't wait to see the final results of our students' hard work on March 17th. By empowering their knowledge and curiosity through CBC, our students will be well-prepared to take on whatever challenges come their way in the future. So here's to our students and the power of CBC to help them achieve their full potential!

CBC is back!

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