CLIP recognises the importance of families and the school to work together and acknowledges that students’ learning continues at home during school years and long afterwards and it is primarily shaped by their families.

CLIP cultivates a supportive and harmonious relationship with parents; and promotes continuous and open channels of communication between families and school.



CLIP supports families in:

  • understanding the overlap between home and school learning environments;
  • recognising the importance of consistent and high expectations regarding their child’s achievements and progress;
  • effectively using learning opportunities at home (in both content understanding and competencies development);
  • acknowledging and contributing to creating positive attitudes and behaviours for learning
  • working collaboratively with teachers and the school’s administration to improve the students’ daily lives and learning experiences


Essential to this link between families and school, parents have elected the Board for the CLIP Parents-Teachers Association (PTA).


The PTA aims at:

(a) Contributing to promote CLIP´s vision, mission and values, both internally and externally;

(b) Encouraging a permanent cooperation between members, students, the Head, the Senior Leadership Team and CLIP staff, to ensure a combined effort in the development of the students’ educational project;

(c) Developing understanding of educational matters among its members;

(d) Collaborating with the Head and the Senior Leadership Team, whenever requested, to define or carry out projects of interest for the students and CLIP;

(e) Protecting the members’ and students’ interests in a constructive and balanced manner, seeking to ensure that the issues to be addressed are solved in an appropriate and timely manner;

(f) Communicating parents’ views to CLIP on general matters relating to pupils’ education and well-being, for example, health, sports, security, fees, catering, school uniform, etc.; 

(g) Participating in, sponsor and/or promoting cultural, social, sports, leisure and other activities in order to foster and reinforce the relations between its members and to raise funds for charitable endeavours and CLIP’s projects, and to continue to nurture the sense of CLIP community already present.  


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