Welcoming Message

It is a great pleasure to welcome you to CLIP – Oporto International School!

Learning pathways at CLIP are shaped by a spirit of community – We Are One - characterized by students, teachers, staff, parents and partnership organisations.


We truly believe that collaborative, mutually supportive relationships not only impact individual’s growth as a whole, but also contribute to a shared, inclusive and sustainable future.


CLIP is committed to develop independent and resilient learners who are well-founded with deep understandings, transferable skills and competencies, positive attitudes and mindsets, rooted in socially aware and ethical core values, ready to meet the challenges of the future and make a difference in the world.


CLIP seeks and respects students’ perspectives, supports their needs, offers them multiple opportunities to experience success, and values and nurtures their qualities. The positive sense of self, spirit and belonging is fostered across cognitive, emotional, social and physical domains, in order to empower students to be ready for a complex and ambiguous world; to be prepared to share a future built on the wellbeing of individuals, societies and the world.


CLIP’s success as a school is reliant on highly professional, experienced, innovative and caring teachers, as well as on continuous research, development and regular assessment of teaching and learning methodologies. CLIP’s success as an organisation is equally dependent on highly qualified, skilled, proactive and dedicated staff.


We are proud of our school - Once a CLIPPER always a CLIPPER – and we are pleased you have looked for and are willing to know us.



The Senior Leadership Team (SLT)


  • Isabel Morgado [Head]
  • Francisco Marques [CEO]
  • Andrea Vasconcelos [Lower School Director]
  • Edwin Hendrikus Kolen [Middle School Director]
  • Ana Isabel Marques Guedes [Upper School Director]