CLIP is strongly committed to nurture extraordinary individuals who will collaborate to meet the challenges of the 21st century through versatile intellectual competence, a passion for discovery, increased social awareness and uncompromising commitment to a better world.



  • Providing a friendly, collaborative, safe and vibrant learning environment
  • Supporting each student to strive for excellence
  • Nurturing the development of transferable competencies
  • Emphasizing intercultural values of respect and appreciation for different points of view
  • Offering challenging and highly respected international programmes


CLIP shapes individuals into becoming Clippers. A Clipper entails being the best one can be, acquiring knowledge and understandings and transferable competencies required to succeed in the workplace of the challenging 21st century.


Clippers are the embodiment of CLIP’s Guiding Statements. They are caring, confident and competent citizens when they leave Clip, determined to succeed and shine.