Student's voice and leadership


All students at CLIP are encouraged to be the change they want to see in the world and that it may start by trying to find solutions for their daily issues and by advocating for the students’ community interests.


CLIP students have different opportunities or platforms to become a voice of their peers to develop their leadership skills, supported by the CLIP21 framework.


Prefects are a part of the school student distributed leadership team – Prefect Body.


To be a Prefect a student must be in Form 11 or 12 and is expected to be an excellent example to others in terms of work ethic, appearance and behaviour and has to have shown leadership potential through contributions made to the school during his/her school career. Prefects have various responsibilities, which essentially involve them in assisting the Head Boy/Head Girl in the smooth running of the school and ensuring students’ voice is heard, their suggestions are followed up and problems are solved.

Students’ council

From Form 2, each class elects two students’ representatives.  They are the voice for their peers and regularly propose and discuss school-related issues and collaboratively work in a Student Council.


The purpose of the LS, MS and US Student Councils is to develop leadership skills, promote harmonious relations throughout the entire school, improve student-teacher relationships, improve school spirit and morale, provide a forum for student expression, provide orderly direction of school activities, promote community involvement and promote the general welfare of the school/community.

Students involved with the student council will develop essential life skills, such as listening, diplomacy, compromise and communication.

Upper School Monitors

In the Summer Term, the Form 9 students are given a chance to act as Upper School Monitors, experiencing some duties and responsibilities normally assigned to the Upper School Prefects.


Upper School Monitors play an important role in the day-to-day organisation of the School in preparation for future leadership roles and to become responsible and active citizens.



Head Girl & Head Boy

Sara Gonçalves & Vasco Santos


Head Girl & Head Boy

Mariana Domingues & Kilian Borowsky


Head Girl & Head Boy

Matilde Ramos & Tiago Silva


Head Girl & Head Boy

Ana Mafalda Caetano & Rodrigo Sousa


"My experience as the Head Girl was the fulfilling of a long term personal goal of mine.

It was also an extremely gratifying chance to give back to the community that was my home for so many years and for which I could not be more grateful.

I had the opportunity of interacting with younger students in ways I would not have been able to otherwise, organising social responsibility initiatives and acting as the face for the school which I take so much pride in.

The highlights of my year were definitely meeting the Chinese Ambassador and speaking to the Class of 2019 at the Commencement.

In my opinion, taking part in the prefect body encourages students to deliver, involving themselves entirely in the school activities whilst sticking to our core principles. Not only does it make the students accountable and responsible, but it's also a lot of fun when done with the right mindset.

I wish the next generation of prefects all the luck in the world!"