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CLIP - The Oporto International School offers an international curriculum based on the National Curriculum for England, with certain modifications to suit both the school's philosophical and pedagogical objectives, and the local context of CLIP, as an international school in Porto, Portugal. Curriculum standards that CLIP offers are considered as of international excellence and provide equivalency in many countries, including Portugal.


The vast majority of students who graduate from CLIP opt to continue their academic journey in Portuguese and other foreign universities, mainly in the United Kingdom. Their choice of degrees is quite varied, ranging from the Arts and Music to Sciences, Engineering, Business and Economics, Medicine, etc.


The curriculum at CLIP aims at providing a broad and balanced framework and sequence to promote access and progression in a variety of meaningful learning experiences, in line with CLIP’s guiding statements, guided by the definition of High-Quality Learning and strengthened by CLIP’s 21st Century Competencies framework.


CLIP is committed to the notion of 'sport for all', offering a wide range of sporting activities through the curriculum and through extra-curricular activities, including league teams. The Fine and Performing Arts are also integral to the programme of studies and essential to the development of our students as a whole. Other extra and co-curricular activities, such as The Model United Nations and Community Service are encouraged and play a major part in school life.


  • The Fundação Luso-Internacional (FLI) for Education and Culture in the North of Portugal was created, aiming to create an international school and to promote better relations between the different international communities.
  • The non-profit Associação Gestora do Colégio Luso-Internacional do Porto (AGECLIP) was created to lead the creation of an international school in Porto.
  • CLIP’s first premises were inaugurated – a bulding near Castelo do Queijo that used to be used by STCP.
  • Under the leadership of Doctor Ruben Cabral, Mrs. Lydia Silva e Mrs. Stephanie Reader, CLIP – Colégio Luso-Internacional do Porto was founded with 24 students.
  • CLIP became a public limited company.
  • CLIP opens the school year with 140 students.
  • CBC (Concept-Based Curriculum – link for this section) and the subject of LTR (Learning Through Research – link for this section) were launched and continuously developed since then.
  • CLIP opens the school year with 176 students.
  • CLIP moved to new premises, which belonged to EFANOR.
  • CLIP opens the school year with 258 students.
  • CLIP moves once again to Praça Coronel Pacheco, in Porto’s downtown.
  • CLIP opens the school year with 367 students.
  • CLIP’s current premises were inaugurated.
  • CLIP opens the school year with 494 students.
  • CLIP becomes part of the Violas Group, its mains shareholder.
  • CLIP opens the school year with 578 students.
  • CLIP becomes fully accredited by the Council of International Schools (CIS).
  • CLIP begins a new stage of expansion in terms of students, international communities and pedagogical offerings, which lasts until nowadays.
  • CLIP opens the school year with 634 students.
  • The new Sciences block is inaugurated.
  • CLIP opens the school year with 874 students.
  • CLIP enters a new stage as an organisation, launching a new logo and changing its public denomination to CLIP – Oporto International School.
  • School year 2019-2020 starts with more than 1200 students.
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