Governance and Leadership

The three levels of leadership



Distributed leadership is deeply rooted within CLIP.

The leadership of the school is premised on strong productive relationships and on the collaboration between individuals and teams responsible for the different aspects of the school life, including academics, wellbeing and operations. In line with this, CLIP also regards each member of staff as a leader and encourages the development of such competencies within and outside of the classroom.




The Senior Leadership Team (SLT) spearheads CLIP’s strategic objectives and works with Deputies to ensure alignment between all sections and aspects of school life. It is composed by the CEO, Head and the Directors of the different schools: Lower, Middle and Upper.


The CLIP Leadership Team (CLT), composed by SLT and Deputies, actively works with Area Leaders and with the whole school community to ensure that continuous progress is made towards strategic goals, aligned with the school’s Guiding Statements.

Area Leaders

Area Leaders are the experts and leaders on a certain aspect of school life, whether relating to a subject area, students’ wellbeing or projects. They directly work with staff members and are a pivotal link between teachers, parents and the school leadership.