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May 03 2022

Opinion article

Our experience at the Junior Achievement competition was truly enriching. We got to put what we learned in the classroom into action by identifying a problem and creating a product to solve it. Even though we did not pass to the national final, we enjoyed meeting other students, and experts, and have gotten a lot of feedback from them. We are excited to continue to improve Impartial and to move forward with our idea. Thank you, Mr. Carvalho and Mrs. Pinto for all of your help! - Carolina Vivas

CLIP took part in another edition of Unlimited Fair, the regional stage of "The Enterprise" competition, promoted by Junior Achievement Portugal. Team Impartial represented the school with the "URVote" app. This project from our F9 & F10 students aims to solve the growing abstention levels and the generalised disinterest that youngsters show towards politics.

Being a part of impartial was definitely a very rewarding experience. From having the opportunity to work alongside amazing people that I wouldn’t usually work with, to being able to expand my horizons in regard to the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, I am grateful to everyone involved in making this project as dynamic and worthwhile as it was. And even though our journey was cut short, it is certainly something that I will remember for a very long time. - Marta Costa

Throughout the Unlimited Fair, that took place in Mercado Ferreira Borges, team Impartial had to pitch their idea to a panel of judges and showcase their app on a stand. Experiences like this develop our students' skills, taking education far beyond the classroom. Congratulations to Impartial for their performance, and for wanting to be part of a more political literate future.

This experience was truly unique. I must thank Mrs. Pinto, Mr. Carvalho, Rafaela, Valentina and Carolina for welcoming me and Marta to Impartial. It was really fun to have all the meetings and the “Feira Ilimitada” was truly a thrilling occurrence. I absolutely loved it. Thank you! - Matilde Lopes

Junior Achievement Portugal

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