One Student, One Book, One Toy

10 Novembro 2023

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In the spirit of giving back, we extend a heartfelt invitation to our beloved community to partake in the "One Student, One Book, One Toy" campaign. This initiative encourages everyone, especially students, to seize the opportunity to declutter their homes and foster a sense of charity in the hearts of the younger generation.


We encourage parents and guardians to motivate their children to donate at least one item – a cherished book or a beloved toy – spreading the holiday spirit of generosity and compassion.


We are immensely grateful for your willingness to contribute to this meaningful cause. To streamline the collection process, we request that all donations be brought to our Front Desk by November 22. A designated collection box will be conveniently placed to receive your contributions. Your support will go a long way in making this Christmas Bazaar a resounding success, benefiting those in need and fostering a spirit of community and giving.

One Student, One Book, One Toy

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