Visit from Professor Peter Lantos


08 - 12 ABR
Visit from Professor Peter Lantos

PETER LASZLO LANTOS (born 1939) is a British scientist and author of Hungarian Jewish origin. He was born in Makó, southeast Hungary. In 1944, when Peter was five, his family were deported to Bergen-Belsen concentration camp because of the Holocaust. At the concentration camp, the Nazis murdered his father. Peter and his mother got sent on a train that was meant to go to a death camp, leading them back to Hungary, meaning they were free from the Holocaust. He completed his medical studies in Hungary before moving to the UK in 1968 for further education and research.

Lantos decided to stay in the UK and was sentenced to prison in absentia by the Hungarian authorities for his defection. He would not be able to visit his homeland until the fall of Communism in 1989. As a medical researcher, Lantos published more than 500 scientific articles and numerous textbooks. He is especially well known for his research on neurodegenerative diseases (The Papp-Lantos inclusion is named after him.)

As an author, Lantos was lauded for his Holocaust memoir Parallel Lines (Arcadia, 2007). He was also awarded for educating and raising awareness about the Holocaust.