Lower School IT/Platforms Workshop


20 SET
Lower School IT/Platforms Workshop

Computing and Digital Literacy can increase student engagement, help students build essential 21st-century skills and facilitate personalized learning.

Join us in our Lower School IT and Computing \ Platforms Workshop where we will help you to better understand the content taught in the computing curriculum and how the curriculum is delivered at the different key stages in Lower School. You will also learn about the platforms and software we use in Lower School to support core subjects.  

Bookings are made through our online booking system.  Parents should log in at https://clip.parentseveningsystem.co.uk or click on the link in the event description in order to sign up.  Parents may also click on the “parents evenings” icon on the CLIP website. 


Sign up for this first workshop will close 30 minutes before it begins.  We hope that many parents will be able to attend!