Online Learning Policy


CLIP offers Online Learning Provision, adjusted to the specificities and needs of the different schools and/or Areas of Learning, for the students who might be forced to stay at home due to medical reasons. 


Access to Online Learning Provision 


The Online Learning Provision will cover the following circumstances: 

  • Absence due to quarantine. 
  • Pupils who are confirmed physically ill or rendered temporarily incapacitated in a way that makes it impossible to physically attend school due to injury or medical procedure. 


A certified medical note must be presented by e-mail to Absence must be fully documented to be approved by CLIP. 

Instances reported and approved before 02.00 pm will be able to benefit from the Online Learning Provision on the following day.

Only students with full documentation and approved by CLIP will benefit from this programme upon parental request. 


Expectations for Online Learning Provision 


It is paramount that: 

  • Students learning at home must have their cameras always turned on, and be in a quiet space suitable to complete their work and participate in the session/lesson. 
  • Students should reach out to the tutor coordinator (Lower School)/ teacher (Middle and Upper Schools) if they need help during teaching hours. 
  • Parents should refrain from being present and/or intervening in ongoing sessions/lessons. 


How will the Online Learning Provision system work? 


  • Once a written request has been made to the Nurse and approved by CLIP, the student’s name will be added to the Online Learning Provision register. 
  • Teachers should check the Online Learning Provision register every day. 


Students will have access to: 

  • Lower School - an adjusted programme through Microsoft Teams is led by a Tutor Coordinator. The Tutor Coordinator will individually invite the student or group of students to each session. 
  • Middle and Upper Schools – students will be able to join their normal lessons and the rest of the class at school learning on-site through Microsoft Teams. Teachers may individually invite the student or group of students to a video call via Microsoft Teams or provide specific work to be completed depending on the lesson objective. 


  • Online Learning Provision will follow an adjusted timetable (Lower) and the school timetable (Middle and Upper) and students should be present online at the beginning of each lesson and remain online throughout following teachers’ guidance. 
  • Students will be registered by the teacher on iSAMS in the normal manner and in accordance with the current attendance procedures. 


Please be reminded that contents produced by CLIP and shared or transmitted on educational platforms are protected by law. Any reproduction, screen capturing or recording, sharing on social networks or by any other means without the express consent of the school is strictly forbidden