"Monster Max's shark spaghetti" by Claire Freedman

February 02 2021

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Monster Max's shark spaghetti by Claire Freedman

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Join Max and his monster friends as they head off on holiday for lots of stinky, smelly, gooey, gunky fun in the sun ... All monsters fly with Queasy Jet, Max loves their in-flight meal -- moth mash with tapeworm sausages, washed down with pureed eel. The hotel is covered with snail trails, there are caterpillar croissants for breakfast and watch out for the shark spaghetti - it might just bite you on the bottom! A super, stinky, holiday-fun follow-up to Spider Sandwiches and Dragon Jelly.


Enjoy your Reading and #Stay@HomeWithClip!

MRC Staff

"Monster Max's shark spaghetti" by Claire Freedman

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