Seminar on how to reconcile training with competition

May 21 2022

Opinion article

Aimed at coaches, managers, parents, teachers, referees and judges – all those who take part in youth sports and can condition their behavior, the conference aims to contribute to the development and formation of a correct concept of sport for young people and to provide debate on the evolution of current trends in sports training. 


The seminar kicks off at 9:30AM in Auditorium 2 of ESECS and has several guest speakers, including Rui Matos (from ESECS), Anna Volosivich (from the Faculty of Human Motricity – University of Lisbon), Carles Gonsález (from the National Institute of Physics education of Catalunya, Spain), Pedro Alegria (Estoril Beach Formation), Valter Pinheiro (from TOCOF Methodology), Sofia Abreu and Liliana Dias (coordination teams CLIP AD).


The article is only available in Portuguese here.

 Seminar on how to reconcile training with competition

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