Real Food Garden

May 18 2023

Opinion article

The UN Sustainable Development Goals state as paramount that citizens work towards Responsible Consumption and Production and Sustainable Cities and Communities. So, every school that recognises the importance of a healthy diet for a good quality of life should try to grow food organically with their students.
That’s what we started doing at the end of last school year, when we installed nine growing beds right at the entrance of The Shire. Lettuce and cabbage, tomatoes and peppers, beetroots and pumpkins, they all grew abundantly in a few weeks and without the need to go back to synthetic pesticides.
These were cared for by students from every level of our school, and we got an astonishing first harvest in the last day of school. Students, parents, teaching and non-teaching staff gathered to celebrate and bring home several vegetable products.
It was the kickstart of a project that we hope will become evermore fruitful by being integrated in the curricular activities of our students.


Maria João Rebola & Edgar Fernandes

Eco-Committee Coordinators

Real Food Garden

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