Real Food Garden

May 30 2022

Opinion article

It all started back in June 2019 with the Planet Aid event.


This initiative, organised by the Parent-Teacher-Association (PTA), supported CLIP’s aim to develop a more comprehensive and hands-on relationship with Nature. Throughout the past two years, students, teachers, and parents – led by the Eco-Committee – have engaged in meaningful activities building and nurturing a deep and close connection with the environment.


Today, we are proud to unveil the Real Food Garden project. By developing a vegetable garden, the CLIP Community can proactively take part in the promotion of a circular economy whilst enjoying contact with Nature and helping their own food to grow.


Nine grow beds were installed by Noocity, by the Football Pitch, as an “entrance hall” to what will be our “Shire”, allowing for a perfect combination between leisure and learning.


The Real Food Garden - for which all the proceedings of the Planet Aid event were used - is one visible outcome of the continued partnership, resilience and mutual support of the PTA and the School, who continued to believe in the Planet Aid’s vision.

Real Food Garden

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