'Portugal Day', Camões and the Portuguese Communities

June 11 2021

Opinion article

The 10th of June, ‘Portugal Day’, Camões and the Portuguese Communities is a day to remember the great maritime undertakings of the Discoveries, to praise the love of Pedro and Inês de Castro, to underline the ambition of D. Afonso Henriques or to show pride in the Portuguese language.


This national holiday also marks the day of the death of poet Luís Vaz de Camões, in 1580, author of "Os Lusíadas", an epic poem that narrates the heroic deeds of the Portuguese people. Published in 1572, with the support of King D. Sebastião, it is considered the greatest epic poem in the Portuguese language.


Clip celebrated this day on Friday, the 11th of June. At 15:15 students and staff were asked to gather in the balconies, in an orderly manner, to hear some Portuguese music playing and to celebrate the Portuguese language.

'Portugal Day', Camões and the Portuguese Communities

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