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November 16 2020

Opinion article

To celebrate the 500 years of discovering the strait of Magellan, Escola Azul and Rede Escolas Magalhânicas are going to launch three autonomous marine vessels that will now cross it again, this time in the XXI century.


They symbolize the original ships (Victoria, Trinidad e Concepción) and will carry very precious cargoes, messages from students all over the world.

We are thrilled to announce CLIP´s representatives, poems by Inês Mendonça Form 6 AC, Rafael Duarte Form 6 AC, Frederica Rodrigues Form 11HS and last but not the least an honourable mention to the painting by Daniela Nascimento Form 6 DS. They are now going to a national contest.


So, if you teach or see them please make sure to congratulate them.

"The sea is not an obstacle: it is a path". by Amyr Klink (sailor and writer)

Escola Azul Challenge - Magalhães Schools Network

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