CLIP on stage at the World Education Summit

March 10 2021


Let's make 2021 a year of learning!

 CLIP will be present at the largest educational conference, the World Education Summit (WES) powered by Osiris Educational.


From March 22nd to 25th, the WES will bring together over 250 international speakers and 100K delegates. Together, we'll be discussing teaching, learning, innovation and leadership strategies to take education forwards.


CLIP is one of the speakers on the "Cool Schools" stage, showcasing it's Hackathon project to a packed audience of teachers, schools & educators. 


This accomplishment strengthens CLIP's position as a centre of excellence for teaching & learning, and as a school where innovative and cutting-edge educational ideas are promoted and put to practice.


Recognising the importance of this event in Professional Development, CLIP has enrolled all its staff in the conference, offering a unique opportunity to learn from industry leaders and get inspired. Teaching & Non-Teaching staff will have access to:


  • All four days of the Summit
  • One-year of professional learning on demand
  • Over 100 hours of unpacked content and activities
  • Networking opportunities
  • Interaction with keynote speakers
  • Engage in Q&A and interactive sessions with the biggest speakers in the world


We can't wait to see what milestones our team will achieve next. 


Find out more about the World Education Summit in this video and watch the highlights of our 2019 Hackathon.

World Education Summit

CLIP on stage at the World Education Summit

Last news

April 15 2024
CLIP moves to the National Finals of the "F1 in Schools" challenge
After nine years, CLIP returns to the world's most significant Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) competition, F1 in Schools.   Last Thursday, Team Aeroflux (5 students in F11 and F12) and Team G4 Motorsport (6 students in F10) headed to the Porto (CATIM - Centro de Apoio Tecnológico à Indústria Metalomecânica) regional finals in Penafiel, competing against other 17 teams from the area.   The objective set for the day was to secure a ticket to the National stage of the competition, which is only granted to the top three teams in each region. After a day filled with intense emotions and fierce competition, we're proud to celebrate that both teams from CLIP will be moving to the next stage of the challenge. Team G4 Motorsport secured 3rd place, whilst Team Aeroflux brought home 2nd place, plus the awards for Best Engineering and Best Verbal Presentation.   The National finals are scheduled for July 3rd, with the three best teams securing access to the World Finals. Last year, the World Finals were held in Singapore from September 10th to 12th.   F1 in Schools is not just about speed; it's a thrilling journey of creativity, engineering prowess, and business acumen. Participants, typically aged 11-19, design and manufacture miniature Formula 1 cars, pushing the boundaries of aerodynamics and materials science. These scaled-down marvels are then put to the test on a 20-meter track, where every fraction of a second counts.   Beyond the race track, teams must also develop a comprehensive business plan, demonstrating their marketing strategies, budgeting skills, and sponsorship acquisition abilities. This aspect of the competition fosters entrepreneurship and real-world problem-solving, preparing the next generation of leaders for success in an ever-evolving global economy.   With regional and national competitions leading up to the World Finals, F1 in Schools is a platform for young talents to shine internationally. Winners not only claim prestigious titles but also earn scholarships, internships, and invaluable industry connections, propelling them towards exciting careers in STEM.