Bike to School Day

April 09 2022

Opinion article

As part of the celebration of the Dutch language and culture during April, we are pleased to announce that our school is organizing the first Bike to School Day on Friday 29th April. During this day, the school is encouraging students, parents and school staff to bike to and from school.




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There are many good reasons to join us on your bike on Friday 29th April: 

  1. It's Fun! Biking is a fun way to travel. There's so much to see, smell, touch, think and talk about along the way. 
  2. It's Healthy Biking is a great way to get fit or to stay strong and healthy. 
  3. It's Educational An active start to the day improves mood, concentration, creativity and problem-solving abilities (that's true for adults, too!). Education doesn't have to start inside the school gate. 
  4. It's Non-polluting Bike trips cause no harmful emissions! Also, cyclists breathe less pollution than people inside a slow-moving car. 
  5. It's Neighborly Biking enables children and adults to make new friends. Fewer cars outside the school entrance will also improve the school's traffic problems.
  6. It’s Less Stressful Dropping off at and picking up your children from school can be a hassle for both children and adults. 
  7. It's a Chance to Teach and Learn Road Skills Children can practice road safety skills. 
  8. It's Convenient and punctual Children who bike can go wherever they need to go, whenever they need to be there - whether it's school, home, or any activity. Bikers arrive on time as they are not affected by traffic.
  9. It's Economical Fewer car trips = lower gasoline costs. Each time you bike instead of using a car you save money on gas and maintenance. 
  10. It's Safer The presence of cyclists encourages drivers to slow down and drive more carefully. Neighbourhoods become safer places to play and live.

Let’s all work together to make our community a more child-friendly place. You can help by allowing your child to participate, or even better by joining your child on Friday 29th April!


If you and/or your children already bike between home and school regularly, this is an event that will acknowledge you for doing so and will encourage your children to keep cycling safely.


If your child does normally not cycle to school this is a great opportunity to do it together. You will become more familiar with the route between home and school, and you can talk together about things you see along the route. 


It will be an invaluable learning experience for you and your child.


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This first-ever Bike-To-School day wouldn’t have been possible without the support of Mr. Michielsens, the father of one of our students and part of MubiPorto, a local association that advocates for the Use of the Bicycle in an Urban Environment. Feel like knowing more about their events? Then sign up and pedal with them…It’s fun and it’s for free!

Porto | MUBi

Bike to School Day

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