School Ethos


Clear guidelines as to what standards of behaviour are expected are essential to foster a positive enriched environment conducive to learning. The school has a comprehensive disciplinary policy.


At CLIP, we expect high standards of behaviour from all our students, who are expected to adhere to the Behaviour Policy at all times: in school, during school visits, outdoor education trips, and when participating in inter-school competitive events (e.g. sports matches). 


CLIP Students are expected to:

  • Show integrity, honesty and a sense of fairness and justice;
  • Show sensitivity to the needs and feelings of others;
  • Show respect for the views, values and traditions of other individuals and cultures and seek to consider a range of points of view;
  • Attempt all aspects of the school curriculum in the spirit of exploring new ideas, roles and strategies;
  • Strive to work cooperatively with all;
  • Show respect for individual and communal property, buildings and grounds of the school;
  • Maintain their student planner;
  • Complete set homework to the required standard;
  • Have the required equipment for all lessons;
  • Be on time for all scheduled classes and activities;
  • Remain inside the school grounds during the entire school day;
  • Observe additional students’ guidelines, including during outdoor educational trips;
  • Wear the correct school uniform.




Every CLIP student from Form 5 to Form 12 as well as all Middle and Upper School teachers are allocated to a House. Siblings are assigned to the same house as each other. There are 4 Houses: Delta, Lambda, Kappa, and Sigma.


The main purpose of the House System is to create a sense of spirit and belonging across the school and to give students the opportunity to mix horizontally and vertically with other students during organised events. It provides a chance for students to develop their leadership skills and creates a culture of positive role models within the school.


Occasionally, parents are also invited to participate in special inter-house events.

In addition, as part of the reward system, Positive Points also count for the Houses. At the end of the academic year the House with the highest number of points wins the Inter House Trophy.