Competencies for learning




CLIP believes that knowledge acquisition and content understanding must be supported by and leveraged on a set of competencies, which students will need acquire and develop in order to prepare them for an uncertain future.


CLIP21 provides a framework and aims to define 21st century learning within the CLIP context. It is based on recent scientific research and aligned with CLIP’s guiding statements.


All of the below competencies, together with behaviours and attitudes for learning should be actively praised and modelled by teachers and students.

Research and library skills


Developing research skills is essential in students’ approach to learning as it is central to preparing conceptual understanding in accessing available and relevant information that will be the basis for analysis and evaluation.


Since early on, students at CLIP are equipped and supported in developing their research and library skills to grow in independence in their learning. CLIP also offers two Media Resource Centres and multiple online platforms to access freely to a vast catalogue of books, articles and magazines.