Xmas Bazaar

11H - 17H

NOV 25
Xmas Bazaar

Christmas Bazaar 2023 in 60 seconds or less:

  • CLIP's Xmas Bazaar offers 60+ stalls with brand and student-led stalls, donating profits to local institutions.
  • Join on November 25th, 11h-17h, free entry with a non-perishable food item or €2.
  • Activities include entertainment, workshops, a cashless token system called Clippies (except for brand stalls), and a focus on sustainability.
  • Food court offerings range from traditional dishes to homemade treats.
  • The programme includes music, circus, karaoke, dance, ballet, and karate performances throughout the day.


What is the Xmas Bazaar?

With over 60 stalls, you will surely find the perfect gift at our Xmas Bazaar. CLIP's Xmas Bazaar - a market to care & share - is our charitable market where you'll find stalls from well-known and desirable brands and student-led solidarity stalls. This unique combination makes our Bazaar a must-go for everyone who wants to add sparkle and solidarity to the season. Through the work of our Clippers in Motion, all the profits will be donated to local institutions that need all the help they can get during the Christmas Season.


When's the Xmas Bazaar?

Join us on November 25th, from 11h to 17h. 

Entry is free to those who bring a non-perishable food item, or €2 for everyone else.


It's an easy date to remember - one month 'till Christmas!


Why do we host a Xmas Bazaar?

The Christmas Bazaar isn't just about celebrating the holiday season; it's about giving back to the community! As is tradition, all the proceeds will be donated to charity organisations such as Ajudaris, Unicef, ATACA, the Salvation Army, and others.


What's there to do?

It's not just shopping! CLIP's Xmas Bazaar is a family event with plenty of activities. We've planned a day of entertainment for all ages filled with music and other performances that we're sure you want to attend.


  • Winter Photo Booth by the Media Club
  • Santa's Corner by the Clippers in Motion
  • Grinch's House by the Clippers in Motion
  • Workshops
  • Performances - check the programme below
  • Hair Donation
  • A present wrapping station by the Clippers in Motion


One step closer to a cashless market

Clippies: the official tokens of our Xmas Bazaar


Except for brand stalls, all other stalls and the Food Court will operate on a brand-new token system - the Clippies. Upon arrival, or at any point during the event, exchange your money for Clippies at our "Clippies Stations" and enjoy the diversity and choice. 


Clippies are not refundable, nor can they be converted back into money. We suggest exchanging money for Clippies only as you need. All the profits will be donated to local institutions.


Brands stalls will not accept Clippies.


Green is a festive colour, too!

Our efforts to create a more sustainable Bazaar


  • We continue to work towards eliminating single-use plastic at the Bazaar, focusing on reusable cups. If you want a drink, please bring your cup, mug or bottle, and we'll gladly fill it up. Alternatively, you'll be able to get our reusable and returnable "Planet Aid" cups for a €1 deposit.
  • Filtered and cooled tap water will be accessible for free throughout the event at our Food Court.
  • Parking is limited, so consider alternative ways of joining us. Our bike park is looking forward to seeing you.
  • Our Clippies are reusable and will be put back into circulation.
  • All excess food will be donated to ReFood to minimise food waste.




East Foyer

Morning & Afternoon


We'll run three fun and exciting workshops aimed at children. These are the perfect opportunities to leave your children looked after and entertained as you make the rounds of the many stalls we'll have available for you. 


  • Face painting
  • Cookie Decorations
  • Arts & Crafts


You'll find these workshops in the East foyer. Each workshop costs 1 Clippie.


Food Court

West Canteen



Have lunch with us and enjoy the many delicacies we have prepared for you. Whether you're looking for a quick bite during a shopping break, an indulgent drink, or a full sit-down meal, our Food Court is ready to satisfy your cravings


  • Traditional oven-baked Arroz de Pato (Duck Rice)
  • Regional Sandes de Leitão (Suckling Pig Sandwiches)
  • The famous Mrs. Guedes's Lasagna
  • Comforting Soup
  • Chessy Veggie Pizza
  • Delicious Hot Dogs
  • Spiced Mulled Wine (Glühwein)
  • Refreshing Beer & Fizzy Drinks


If you're looking for other sweet and savoury delights, our student-led stalls will offer plenty of homemade treats throughout the day. You'll also find the always-important coffee and "Bolo Rei". 


Look for allergen information in all the stalls to guide your purchasing choices.



[M] Main Stage - Pavilion

[F] Food Court - West Canteen


  • [Entrance] 11H00 - Musical Performance 
  • [M] 11H30 - Circus (R-F1)
  • [M] 12H30 - WeDance
  • [F] 13H00 - Musical Performance
  • [F] 13H30 - Karaoke
  • [F] 14H00 - Musical Performance
  • [Pavillion] 14H00 - 17H00 - Hair Donations
  • [M] 14H30 - Circus (F2-F9)
  • [M] 15H30 - Ballet
  • [M] 16H30 - Karate
  • [M] 16H55 - Solidarity Raffle Draw
  • [M] 17H00 - Musical Performance


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