Commencement 2024

We are delighted to celebrate our graduating class's achievements and hard work. This page provides essential information and addresses frequent questions regarding the upcoming ceremony. Whether you are a proud parent, a supportive family member, or a cherished guest, we want to ensure your experience is enjoyable and well-informed. Please take a moment to browse through the frequently asked questions below to find answers regarding ticket booking, seating, check-in procedures, parking, and more. If you have any additional inquiries or require further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us via email at 


We expect over 1000 people to join us for this celebration. Your support is essential to ensure a safe, memorable and enjoyable evening for you, your children and the Class of 2024.

Commencement 2024 Live Stream

Key Times


Commencement is an evening of celebration & joy. Thank you for your understanding, cooperation and kindness if these times run slightly late.


CLIPClubs activities end. Children not staying for the Commencement should be picked up from the East Door by 16h45.


Doors open, and check-in starts for families with a booked ticket. Please access through the Main Entrance.


F3-F11 students in Form Classes


Guests with no booking start checking in. (Main Entrance)


Doors close


Commencement starts


Commencement ends


F3 & F4 parents attending the event will collect their children from the classroom.

Other F3-F5 parents will collect their children from the East Door.


F6-F8 Dismissal (West Door)


F9-F11 Dismissal (Please collect children outside campus)

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book tickets for the graduation ceremony?

Through the parent's evening system, at 

Is there a limit on the number of tickets I can book?

Families with children in F12 are allowed to book four tickets. Families with children in F3-F11 are allowed to book two tickets.

Families with children in both eligible groups can't book more than four tickets 

Can I choose specific seats for my tickets?

The pavilion floor is reserved for students and F12 families. This year, we're allocating a block of seats per F12 family, which will be assigned based on the time of booking. Your assigned seat block will be on your ticket. Please ask a member of staff if you need any help finding it.


F3 to F11 families will be seated upstairs on the pavilion stands, and seats will be unassigned.

Is there a deadline for booking tickets?

Yes, June 7th, at 23h30 

Can I request additional tickets if I have a large family?

We will only consider additional ticket requests for F12 families after bookings close, subject to the venue's capacity. 

When will I receive my tickets?

Tickets will be sent by June 18th at the latest. Families may receive their tickets on different days, so please wait until this date before contacting support.  

How will I receive my tickets?

Tickets will be sent to the email associated with each reservation, which is the one registered on the Parents' Evening System. If you do not have your ticket by June 18th, kindly contact our support team via email –  

Will there be guest tickets available for those who do not have a booked ticket?

Yes, but it is always limited to the venue's capacity. If you haven't booked and do not have a valid QR code ticket, you should head to our designated guest ticket counter at the front desk. This area will be signalled for your convenience. You must provide your name and a valid form of identification – Cartão de Cidadão, Passport, Driver's License, or other National ID. We will register your details and issue a printed guest ticket.  

What if I'm an alumnus and don't have access to the parent booking platform?

We love to welcome our alumni back to our Commencement. You won't be able to pre-book your ticket but join us by getting a guest ticket on the evening of the event, subject to availability. 

If I have a guest ticket, will I be seated straight away?

No, only after we finish welcoming those who have booked their seats and the doors have closed. We expect this to happen at 18h50. We will then start seating all those with guest tickets in order of arrival. 

Am I guaranteed a place in the pavilion with a guest ticket?

Sadly, no. If we exceed the venue's capacity, we have prepared two viewing areas where guests can enjoy the live stream. These will be located by the pavilion's West door and then in one of the amphitheatres. At the end of the ceremony, you're invited to join us in the pavilion to share a moment with the graduating class. 

Can I bring young children to the ceremony?

Commencement is a mandatory event for F3-F11 students who will sit with their class. We do not encourage younger children to attend but provide a babysitting room for younger CLIP students. If you choose to have them sit with you, they must have a valid ticket.  

Are there any special arrangements for individuals with disabilities?

Yes. Please let us know in advance so we can guarantee an accessible entrance and experience. 

Will there be parking available at the venue?

Parking is extremely limited; we expect heavy traffic inside and around the campus. We strongly advise you to carpool, use a car-sharing app or opt for alternative mobility. Parking will only be allowed inside the campus until capacity is reached. Please follow and respect the instructions of the security staff to ensure a kind, effortless and safe night for everyone. 

At what time should I arrive for the ceremony?
  1. You can check in from 17h30. Families of F12, families of F3-F11, guests with no booking and students all have differentiated entry points, which will be signalled. Please make your way to the correct entry point for an efficient check-in. 
  2. Students need to be in their Form Classes by 18h15. Students should enter using the West Door, through the turnstiles, by tapping in using their student cards. 
What documents do I need to have for check-in?

Each person must have a valid ticket, which can be presented either printed or digitally. Please also bring the ID/CC/Passport registered during booking, as a member of our team may request it. These check-in procedures are designed to ensure the safety of your children. Thank you for your patience, cooperation and courtesy when addressing our staff - they're there to ensure Commencement is a safe and pleasant experience for all. 

What's the latest I can arrive?

Our doors will close at 18h50. From this time onwards, we will consider you will not be attending the ceremony and may give your seat to someone without a booking. If you know you'll arrive after this time, please inform us, and we'll save your seat. 

How long is the ceremony expected to last?

Commencement is expected to run for 2 hours. 

How is dismissal going to work?
  1. After the ceremony, F12s and their families are invited for a moment of bonding and celebration in our West Canteen. All other families are invited to exit the building calmly and only then collect their children outside the building. 
  2. If you did not attend the ceremony and just intend to collect your child, we ask you to respect the suggested/collection times and locations. 
    1. F3 - F5 Families – students ready to be collected at 21:20 from the East Door.  
      1. Parents will need to park to collect. Parking places are minimal, both on premises and in the surrounding area, so we kindly ask that you leave as soon as your child(ren) has been delivered to you to free spaces for others. 
    2. F6 - F8 Families – students ready to be collected at 21:35 from the West Door 
    3. F9 – F11 Families – we kindly ask parents to collect their children off premises from 21:45. 
  3. If you have children in different schools, please collect them at the earliest designated time. 
  4. Please comply with the instructions of our members of staff. They’re there to ensure a safe and swift dismissal of your children. 
Will the ceremony be live-streamed for those who can't attend?

The ceremony's broadcast is scheduled to begin a few minutes before 19h00. 

Are there any specific dress code requirements for attendees?

Students in F4 and above are expected to wear their formal uniform – shirt and tie. Students in F3 can wear their normal uniform. (Polo)

Families and guests have no dress code, but Commencement is a traditionally formal event.

Will there be any photography or videography restrictions?

You're free to take pictures from your seat without obstructing other families' view. The entire ceremony is being live-streamed, and the audience in the pavilion will benefit from 2 video walls to get a close-up of the whole ceremony. If you're sharing your pictures, be mindful that not all families may like to have their children on social media and platforms alike. 

This is my first Commencement ceremony. What can I expect?

Commencement is a beautiful ceremony with a rich and symbolic meaning. Every year, we celebrate the efforts and successes of each graduating class with music, spoken word and performance. Commencement is an emotional moment for students, parents, guardians, and faculty alike. It's a showcase of the journey each student has the potential to complete and an opportunity to foster a stronger community.  

How can I contact the event organisers for further assistance or inquiries?

Email is your best option. Contact us using the address For urgent matters, please phone the school directly.