CLIP Music Certificate Programme

The CLIP Music Certificate Programme offered by the Music Centre is designed to ignite a lifelong passion for music, beginning in Early Years and extending to advanced levels. This programme offers a holistic approach to individualized learning, fostering personal expression alongside academic excellence, preparing students to take certificate exams from the Trinity College of London. 



At its core, this program stands on three foundational pillars of music education: 


  1. Musical Proficiency: This pillar encompasses music reading, rhythm, and solfeggio, instilling a strong foundation in the language of music.
  2. Technical Mastery: The second pillar focuses on honing technique, ensuring that students not only play notes but do so with finesse and precision. 
  3. Self-Expression: This vital pillar encourages auditive and sensory experiences, including singing, improvisation, experimentation, active listening, and creative exploration.


The harmonious blend of these three pillars equips students with essential skills, fostering growth within a dynamic and diverse environment. Most importantly, it empowers them to take charge of their own learning journey. 


The CLIP Music Certificate Programme lays out a clear pathway for students, where each success builds upon the last.

“I can!” becomes the mantra of every student. 


Our programmes are grounded in the principle that students must master their current level before progressing further, both academically and personally. Skills and understanding are fortified at each stage, yielding tremendous results. 


While not all music students may pursue professional careers, the influence of music in their lives is profound, enabling them to discover themselves and express their individuality. 


We use a system of 6 ‘Models’ aligned with Trinity’s own syllabus at the core of our own Music Programmes, which are designed to support a student within the context of their instrument, specific to their learning needs.  


Models 1-4 are for Beginners or pre-Grade 2 students.  

Models 5-6 are for those students studying Grade 2 practical or above. At this level, we have also included in our programme, COMBO and the Trinity Music Theory exam, in order to deepen the learning experience of our students, and prepare them for university level audition. 


COMBO, tailored for students who have achieved a minimum Grade 2 (practical) and beyond, offers an enriching musical journey fostering: 

  •  Focused Growth: COMBO provides dedicated guidance in technique, intonation, and musical expression, accelerating skill development.
  • Responsibility and Accountability: Each member’s role is indispensable, fostering a strong sense of responsibility and accountability. Discipline and dedication are nurtured as students realize their impact on the group’s performance.
  •  Versatility: Students are exposed to a rich variety of musical styles, challenging them to adapt to different genres and enhancing their musical versatility.
  •  Communication Skills: COMBO hones students’ ability to convey musical ideas and respond to feedback, cultivating essential interpersonal and teamwork skills.
  • Confidence and Stage Presence: Invaluable performance opportunities in COMBO help students conquer stage fright and cultivate a commanding stage presence.


Participation in COMBO enriches students’ musical education, refining technical prowess, deepening musical insight, and instilling a lifelong appreciation for orchestral artistry. When combined with music theory exam preparation, COMBO becomes a pivotal, immersive program for advanced students, propelling them through Intermediate and Advanced Grades with remarkable progress. 


Happy to clarify any doubts regarding the CLIP Music Certificate Programme (, 


Dan McAlister 

Music Centre Director 


CLIP Music Centre is a registered Trinity College London Exam Centre