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CLIP recognises that parents are a key element in the education of their children. A relationship of respect and trust between parents, the school and its staff are essential to the wellbeing of each student, thus forming the basis to a culture of innovation, international mindedness, academic excellence, intellectual resilience and active, respectful, responsible citizenship.


The Parents’ Council, led by the Executive Board of the Parents’ Association (EBPA), is the established body for parents’ participation in the life of the school as their inherent right and as a condition sine qua nonfor the natural development of their children. The Parents' Council, together with the Headmaster, the CLT, the teachers and other staff, works collaboratively to build a strong partnership between the school and the home.


Class Representatives communicate directly with the Form Teacher on issues relating to the class. The EBPA works with the school in the persons of the Headmaster and the Directors to establish areas of intervention and collaborate in the continuous improvement of CLIP’s educational project.



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