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Reading Week

23 April

CLIP celebrated the Reading Week from the 15th to the 19th of April. The celebration kicked off with an official opening of the Book Fair at 08.15 with some students playing the piano in the school foyer.
Students throughout the school worked with visiting authors, attended and participated in a play called “Ode Poético” where they discovered the fascinating side of poetry and learned that poetry can be fun and understood by everyone.
Some students took part in a creative writing workshop and others participated in a reading contest organized by Porto Editora.
Every day a bell rang at a specific time and students stopped what they were doing and read their favourite book for 15 minutes.
LS & MS students sat together and enjoyed some English creative stories that MS students wrote. These were moments of true sharing and learning.
As reading is magic, one of our guests was a magician and through a very original approach, he involved our students in the world of books and fantasy.
It was a really enjoyable week and a way we found to encourage students and teachers alike to read for pleasure as regularly as possible.

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