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Maths Condominium- Beyond Creativity!

29 May

Recently Middle School students were involved in a project whose aim was to show the mathematical application of 3D shapes and scale to some familiar landmark buildings. Here are some testimonials of their experience!

‘Clip was our end product and it was beautiful. I learned how to work as a team and how together it is possible to accomplish our goals.’  José Machado (Form 7 HMC) 

‘In Maths we did a really fun project; we made a miniature Clip using 3D shapes. Our model of Clip was about 20/30cm tall. I really enjoyed this experience not only because it was a fun project but also because it was done as a team and I think most people like to work in groups.’ Gonçalo Barroso (Form 7VB)

‘I really enjoyed the project because we worked in groups and we made many shapes together. It was exciting and loads of fun.’ Cristovão Zhu (Form 7 CM)

‘I really enjoyed building Clip in a tiny version. It showed us a different way of building things as we used 3D shapes. We worked in teams and showed that Maths is not all about numbers. Overall, it was real fun.’ Gonçalo Teixeira (Form 7 VB)

Ana Ramos (Form6 ARR) also wrote a poem about one of the landmarks - Petrogal.


Imagine your life

Without a car

With your own two feet

You wouldn’t go that far.


But thanks to Petrogal

That’s here for us

We can travel

By car or by plane or by bus.

The Refinaria

Turns petroleum into gasoline

Without this job

A car would never be seen.


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