Student's Information
Student's Information



Career Guidance at CLIP happens throughout the school as students acquire the life skills of resilience, become cooperative and independent learners, competent researchers, confident ICT users, critical thinkers and fluent public speakers.

In Form 9 formal careers’ testing is done, in consultation with the school psychologist and in Form 10 an online test is done to corroborate this.

Students visit local universities and speakers from universities also visit the school to promote their universities/courses. Prospectuses from British, American and Portuguese universities, as well as universities in other countries are available and students are taught to use them. Most important of all is the Career’s Fair held at CLIP, which gives students the opportunities to find out more about careers and courses from experts from a variety of institutions. The popular ‘chat corners' allow students close contact with experts in all 5 areas of study.

Visits to companies are organised and speakers are invited to enable students to come face to face with the realities of the workplace. Placements in companies are being encouraged, including work over the holidays, to expose the students to the realities of various professions.

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