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Student Wellbeing Guidance Counselling

Each member of the school community is responsible for the social and emotional wellbeing of every other member. Wellbeing is promoted by any action taken to maximise health and wellbeing amongst the school population and individuals. It includes changing environments - social, physical, economic, educational, cultural; enhancing ‘coping’ capacity; and giving power, knowledge, skills and resources to individual families, communities and groups.
In order for us to guarantee students are given the best service possible by achieving their maximum potential our pastoral care and counselling aims to:

> make certain the well-being and lifelong learning of all who work within CLIP, thus providing the students with cutting-edge, innovative and technologically advanced curriculum and methodology to facilitate their progress;

> make sure that students have all the necessary skills and knowledge to make informed subject and career choices, confident in their capacity to achieve their life objectives;

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