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Media Resource Centres



CLIP’s Media Resource Centres are committed to supporting the Vision and Mission of the school to provide the best possible education for students as they become resilient, principled, innovative and internationally minded citizens. The Media Resource Centres seek to actively support teaching and learning throughout the school and to provide a variety of resources that help to make learning an inspirational and life-long process.


CLIP has two Media Resource Centres; one that focuses mainly on the needs of the Lower School and one that serves the Middle and Upper School.  Students use the spaces to benefit from Media Resource Centre resources and to participate in Media Resource Centre based initiatives that involve the wider CLIP community. This broader programme of activities nurtures and celebrates learning; showcases a variety of literature and multimedia; honours and increases understandings about the diverse cultural heritages represented in the school. In these ways the Media Resource Centres are vibrant places that make a valuable contribution to the learning journey of students at CLIP.


CLIP uses OverDrive, follow the link to learn more about our digital library and using our E platform which can be accessed directly from CLIP website.

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