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Student's Information



As our driving mission, CLIP is dedicated to developing skilled, independent learners equipped to be successful in a working world without borders. We are equally dedicated to developing international citizens with a strongly developed sense of empathy for others and openness to multiple points of view. As an international school we recognise the benefits of multilingualism and value our multiculturalism. Languages and language awareness are a top priority at CLIP due to the fact that:


> Our student body is comprised of more than 40 nationalities;

> Our staff members come from more than 15 different countries;

> A majority of our families speak a language other than English at home.


In order to meet the needs of our students we run comprehensive language programmes that include English and Portuguese language A programmes and language B programmes. These include English as an Additional Language as well as Modern Language programmes, teaching all levels of French, German, Mandarin and Spanish in forms 5-12.

Rua de Vila Nova, 1071
4100 - 506 Porto, Portugal


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