Student's Information
Student's Information



Head Boy and Head Girl

To be Head Boy or Head Girl is a privilege given by the prefects, senior students and teachers to a student who has shown over the years to be:

  • a true CLIPPER;
  • a role model in terms of work ethic; academic performance; behaviour; and appearance;
  • a leader able to inspire their colleagues by positive contributions made to school.


The Head Boy and Head Girl lead the Prefects’ body. In addition, they are the students’ community leaders and represent the students’ body, as well as the whole school community. Therefore, they embody the school’s spirit, ethos and philosophy and should excel in their role. The Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl work closely with the Heads, assisting them in all matters related to their leadership positions.



To be a prefect, a student has to be an excellent example to others in terms of work ethic, appearance and behaviour and has to have shown leadership potential through contributions made to the school during their school career.


Students’ council

The Purpose of the MS and US Student Council is to develop leadership skills; promote harmonious relations throughout the entire school; improve student-teacher relationships; improve school spirit and morale; provide a forum for student expression; provide orderly direction of school activities; promote community involvement and promote the general welfare of the school/community. Students involved with the student council will develop essential life skills, such as listening, diplomacy, compromise and communication.

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