Student's Information
Student's Information



All students must wear the appropriate uniform at all times, including all field trips. Residencies may be exempted. Any other waivers must be granted by the Directors of the respective School and / or Headmaster. Teachers and all supervisory staff must reinforce the code with students. Uniform items should be purchased from the CLIP Shop.

There are to be no exceptions to this uniform, any mixing and matching of summer and winter uniform and all students must come to school correctly dressed. Earrings worn must be of the regulation stud size; no large loops etc. Hair should be kept neat and tidy. No beards or other facial hair are allowed.

Any students who come to school improperly dressed are liable to be sent home by their respective teacher and parents will be informed to collect them so as to take them home and return to school in the correct uniform.

All items of clothing should be labelled with the student’s name and form.

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