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Staff (Teaching and non-teaching staff)

CLIP staff number over 100 and come from more than 12 different countries. This background and experience contribute to a learning environment that responds to the students' cultural diversity and meets the needs of an international student population.


CLIP teaching staff is a team of educators dedicated both to providing the very best learning opportunities for all our students and to their own teaching and professional growth. CLIP educators are trained and certified in their respective fields and more than a third of them hold masters' degrees. Teachers are guided in their practice by CLIP’s Professional Teaching Standards. CLIP has a number of positions of leadership in both curriculum development and management and in the area of student wellbeing, which effectively contribute to the success of the educational project.


At CLIP we believe that:

> The fundamental purpose for staff to grow and develop professionally is to enhance the quality of student learning and wellbeing.

> The next major purpose is to enable staff to gain professional and personal satisfaction from knowing that they are extending their understandings, skills and knowledge and continuing to hone their expertise.

> The Professional Growth process aims to foster a climate of reflection.

> The Professional Growth process provides a vehicle for recognition of excellence and professionalism.


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