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Governance and Leadership

CLIP is a proprietary school, independent of any external or government funding, owned by a branch of a prestigious Portuguese family. The Violas family has enterprises in a variety of sectors, both in and outside of Europe, including Brazil, the USA and Africa. The diversity of their business, ranging from tourism involving Casinos, hotels & golf; cutting edge production and distribution of ropes and well-known brands of beverages affords CLIP the access to expertise in operational areas such as HR, marketing, ICT, legal issues and maintenance from the group as is required.

CLIP’S Vision guides all school improvement efforts and the Board of 5 members is responsible for ensuring the establishment of policies; the provision of resources and the assurance of quality educational provisions for students at CLIP.

The Board delegates the running of the school to the CLIP LEADERSHIP TEAM (CLT) consisting of a full time Financial Director elected as CEO by the Board and responsible for operational and financial strategic planning together with an appointed Head who leads the pedagogical project. They both work with the Directors of the Lower, Middle and Upper Schools who serve on the CLT, together with 2 coopted members. CLT fosters a productive environment for teaching and learning by working collaboratively with all constituencies within CLIP to ensure the vision and mission are achieved. Through bi-weekly meetings all operational, pedagogical and philosophical issues are debated and decisions are taken and proposals.

There is newly formed Board of five members- three are Violas family members; one is a member of the Violas Board, and the school CEO. It is the intention of the Board to meet formally 4 times a year and, depending on the agenda, to invite the president of the EBPC (parents’ association) as well as the president of the Alumni. In the event of wider issues arising separate committees (focus groups) from the wider school community will be set up to trouble shoot and report findings to the Board & CLT.

The intention is to consolidate the school motto ‘’We Are One’’ through this inclusivity.


Objectives for students:


The CLT ensures that CLIPPERS:


> Will be Challenged to fulfill their academic, artistic, athletic and interpersonal potential by being committed to performing their personal best at all times.


> Will become Lifelong learners through the acquisition of at least 3 languages; competencies and skills to ensure they are focused, resilient, ambitious, curious, creative, and courageous and a willingness to adapt to new situations.


> Will be Internationally minded adults by being taught tolerance and respect for difference; are reflective, critical thinkers on environmental and global issues and have a deep sense of awareness of other people, culture, countries and customs.


> Will be Principled citizens of the world with strong values and a sense of self enabling them to be ethical, compassionate, tolerant, open minded and just.


Objectives for the school: CLIP provides:


> A welcoming, secure and caring atmosphere with a clear focus on learning.


> A wide range of extra-curricular opportunities through CLIPCLUBS.


> Teaching of the highest possible standard in a purpose built, well-resourced school.


> An educational experience which exploits the geographical situation of the school in the North of Portugal and in Europe.


> Preparation for all students moving on to other schools, higher education within Portugal, Europe or abroad through guidance and careers guidance.


> Staff who are well qualified and committed to the wellbeing and academic performance of every student.


> Staff who are committed to professional development in order to provide cutting edge methodologies to ensure student success.


> Specialized support and guidance for students with additional educational needs, including language.

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