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CLIP was established in 1990 (school year 1990-91) with a class of 44 students. Today CLIP has approximately 1150 students, aged 3 to 18, becoming one of the largest and most well reputed international schools in Portugal. CLIP is proud of its diversified community, with students from more than 50 different countries, representing 40% of the student body.

All students are provided with an education which promotes the highest academic standards within a learning culture that is explicitly international-minded.

CLIP is a fully accredited school by the Council of International Schools (CIS), since 2013.

School Location

CLIP's premises are situated in one of the most desirable areas of Porto and constitute an important architectural project. With an area of more than 25.000m2, CLIP offers excellent conditions to accommodate its students.


Designed to be a multi-functional space, offering a wide range of uses, CLIP was built essentially with the pursuit of excellence in mind. The building boasts the most advanced technology, providing efficiency and comfort at the highest level, and is fully adapted to users of all ages.

> Ground Floor: 200-seat Auditorium; 100-seat Amphitheatres (2); Canteens (2) and Industrial Kitchen; Café, Music Centre, Art Rooms (2), Offices and Meeting rooms, Covered car park (18 parking places), a 25 metre heated Indoor swimming pool.

> Floor 1: Entrance hall, Classrooms, 500-seat Multi-purpose pavilion, Offices, Multimedia laboratories, Physics laboratory, Photocopy centre, CLIP Shop. 

> Floor 2: Administration offices, Staff room, Students' common room, Biology and Chemistry laboratories, Libraries, Classrooms.

> Outdoor facilities: Tennis courts (2), Football pitch and Athletics track.



CLIP curriculum incorporates international standards of excellence and provides a structure within which the personal wellbeing and academic development of each child can flourish, grow in understanding and more confidently move on to higher education and a career. We are three schools in one: Lower School, Middle School and Upper School. At each level the curriculum is delivered by highly-qualified and trained teachers, supported by leading edge technology. We offer English as a Second Language to students for whom English is not their first language, likewise for Portuguese. For students with learning difficulties, we have Learning Support and Special Needs services in place. CLIP has an expansive sports programme both internally and externally. The Arts are integral to the programme of studies and essential to the development of our students as a whole. Debating and community service play a major part in school life.


CLIP students come from more than 50 countries, presenting a diverse cultural background, though with a natural predominance of the Portuguese culture.There are growing national communities at CLIP, namely the Chinese and the Spanish families, and tolerance and acceptance are embedded in the school culture. Aged 3 to 18 years, from Pre-Kindergarten to Form 12, the student community is a friendly, polite and respectful group, with a wide range of personalities and abilities, and the general atmosphere is of harmony and collegiality.


CLIP staff is a team of educators and support staff dedicated to providing the very best learning environment and opportunities for all students and to their own teaching and professional growth. CLIP’s staff number more than 100 and come from more than 12 different countries. This background and experience contribute to a learning environment that responds to the students' cultural diversity and meets the needs of an international student population. CLIP educators are trained and certified in their respective fields more than a third of them hold masters' degrees, 2 of them Phd’s and others are studying in further education.


The leadership of CLIP is premised on strong productive relationships and on the collaboration between the teams responsible for ensuring the success of its academic programme and of the operational services which are in place to support its educational purpose. The leadership team work with the full school community to ensure that continuous progress is made towards a shared vision and resilience in the face of both short term and long term challenges.


A relationship of respect and trust between parents, the school and its staff is essential to the wellbeing of each student, thus forming the basis to a culture of innovation, international mindedness, academic excellence, intellectual resilience and active, respectful, responsible citizenship.  

The Parents’ Council is an assembly constituted by the elected representatives of the parents in each class.  It is governed by the Executive Board of the Parents’ Council (EBPC) and works collaboratively with the school to improve communications and understanding.

    Rua de Vila Nova, 1071
    4100 - 506 Porto, Portugal


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